WE are LIVE , ladies and gents , boys and girls , make up lovers .. or lets say all beauty essential lovers.


Boutiqaat is by far the most famous APP especially in the middle east where you can shop your top notch makeup and local brands by the internet and they will deliver it at your door step

like their slogan says ” My Wardrobe is Full I don’t need to go shopping” says NO ONE EVER!

check out my boutique and the products I got you guys , I made sure I used alot the products before recommending them and I put my favourite must USE items I use everyday , from Makeup to tanninh lotions and oils for summer , to fragrances I use since I was 15 , Skin Care and soon  Clothes.

All you need to do is download the APP ” Boutiqaat” from the APP store or go to my instagram page and the link is my BIO :*

Let me know whats your comments on the products your feedback means alot to me :*

Click (HERE) to download the APP

As you guys know been busy working on opening a salon and it’s nearly happening ! Wish me luck guys !

Here’s a quick dinner look with one of our makeup artists @makeupbyghalia

You can never go wrong playing with glitter , just a touch of it for a dinner look !

Favorite Cover of ROCSTAR EVAAA ..By the amazing Sofia Karlberg




No one can beat Kuwait in Coffee joints in the middle east I can surely guarantee you that.

Imagine the best coffee joints combined in one application , you don’t have to go get your coffee, it will simply come to you !

Will Launch in 10 days, You can order your coffee anywhere in Kuwait city and get it delivered , you can also schedule your coffee timings to be delivered everyday based on what time you want it , nutrition info on each coffee included !

They do pickups too even to your CAR ! all you need is to mention you car colour and model and they will bring it to you car door !

I think all the coffee fanatics are going to take an extra DOSE after this 😛

Here’s a quick list of some of the coffee joints who will be on COFE APP.

















mine is CAF – Spanish Latte

Dose- Salted Caramel

Will keep you posted on the APP launch countdown , for now follow

@COFEDISTRICT on instagram to keep you up to date !








Jacket- Vintage Versace

Dress – Insta – @fofa_collection

Photographed by @Ronya

What a Loss , True legend , artist you will always be ..You will always Live in Our Heads.

Tribute , Tune of the day 🙂

Dat Voice Thou

If you steamed Buns .. YOU for sure know BAO in Kuwait , Guess what though? They have a new Dim SUM menu!

For those who don’t know what ” Dim Sum” means , it’s  small steamed or fried savoury dumplings containing various fillings and my new favourite is the NEW CHICKEN CURRY ! who said curry is Indian? not anymore , I love chicken rice and curry and this dish has all of them!

If your a cheese burger another Dim Sum Dish is the Bao Burger , They created what they do best ” Bao’s” but with a twist for burger lovers .. Bao Burger beef patty! for the burger lovers.

Now Mushroom Lovers , I love this dish .. Mushroom Dim Sum Dish with Broccoli Crust wonton !

Cheese Lovers .. another Dish is the Cheese Wontons, they also have a wonton with shrimp filling!

Now let’s take it back to the old Menu a bit .. THIS IS ONE MY FAVOURITE dishes at Bao , because I AM A BEEF LOVER .. COCONUT BEEF WITH COCONUT SHREDS ! YUM , I recommend this , it is a MUST TRY!

FAV DESSERT .. You always Have room for Dessert !

Wonton with chocolate filling pieces with white chocolate shreds!


@Bao.kw is located in Khaled Ibn al waleed , Ash Sharq, AL Asimah Kuwait

Opening hours – 12 am to 12 pm


If you know steamed buns , don’t forget to try them ! I will post my fav salad and bao’s soon !


That day .. I was in such a bad mood my account on instagram got hacked the same day and time I had the interview LIVE on kuwait’s radio. It’s just something about MUSIC makes me forget about anything even though it was a bad incident that might cost you your career. But It didn’t I realised if people love you they will follow you no matter what and thats what I did , just created a new account and moved on .

MUSIC IS THE SANCTUARY , I always Run to .. if i’m feeling Blue .

Here’s a short bio on how I started blogging and some of my fav tunes and sound tracks of my life


P.s Back to blogging again .. 😉