Favorite Cover of ROCSTAR EVAAA ..By the amazing Sofia Karlberg




No one can beat Kuwait in Coffee joints in the middle east I can surely guarantee you that.

Imagine the best coffee joints combined in one application , you don’t have to go get your coffee, it will simply come to you !

Will Launch in 10 days, You can order your coffee anywhere in Kuwait city and get it delivered , you can also schedule your coffee timings to be delivered everyday based on what time you want it , nutrition info on each coffee included !

They do pickups too even to your CAR ! all you need is to mention you car colour and model and they will bring it to you car door !

I think all the coffee fanatics are going to take an extra DOSE after this 😛

Here’s a quick list of some of the coffee joints who will be on COFE APP.

















mine is CAF – Spanish Latte

Dose- Salted Caramel

Will keep you posted on the APP launch countdown , for now follow

@COFEDISTRICT on instagram to keep you up to date !








Jacket- Vintage Versace

Dress – Insta – @fofa_collection

Photographed by @Ronya

What a Loss , True legend , artist you will always be ..You will always Live in Our Heads.

Tribute , Tune of the day 🙂

Dat Voice Thou

If you steamed Buns .. YOU for sure know BAO in Kuwait , Guess what though? They have a new Dim SUM menu!

For those who don’t know what ” Dim Sum” means , it’s  small steamed or fried savoury dumplings containing various fillings and my new favourite is the NEW CHICKEN CURRY ! who said curry is Indian? not anymore , I love chicken rice and curry and this dish has all of them!

If your a cheese burger another Dim Sum Dish is the Bao Burger , They created what they do best ” Bao’s” but with a twist for burger lovers .. Bao Burger beef patty! for the burger lovers.

Now Mushroom Lovers , I love this dish .. Mushroom Dim Sum Dish with Broccoli Crust wonton !

Cheese Lovers .. another Dish is the Cheese Wontons, they also have a wonton with shrimp filling!

Now let’s take it back to the old Menu a bit .. THIS IS ONE MY FAVOURITE dishes at Bao , because I AM A BEEF LOVER .. COCONUT BEEF WITH COCONUT SHREDS ! YUM , I recommend this , it is a MUST TRY!

FAV DESSERT .. You always Have room for Dessert !

Wonton with chocolate filling pieces with white chocolate shreds!


@Bao.kw is located in Khaled Ibn al waleed , Ash Sharq, AL Asimah Kuwait

Opening hours – 12 am to 12 pm


If you know steamed buns , don’t forget to try them ! I will post my fav salad and bao’s soon !


That day .. I was in such a bad mood my account on instagram got hacked the same day and time I had the interview LIVE on kuwait’s radio. It’s just something about MUSIC makes me forget about anything even though it was a bad incident that might cost you your career. But It didn’t I realised if people love you they will follow you no matter what and thats what I did , just created a new account and moved on .

MUSIC IS THE SANCTUARY , I always Run to .. if i’m feeling Blue .

Here’s a short bio on how I started blogging and some of my fav tunes and sound tracks of my life


P.s Back to blogging again .. 😉


I’m going to post a song “tune” i’m vibe -ing to every week , Todays Random Vibe “Children” makes you clear your ears from all the negativity around you… Shut it out and automatically calms you down .

ENJOY because you will sure FEEL IT.

LET the HATERS HATE .. while you listen to some real beat.