COME ON NOW .. I Challenge anyone to bring a horse and HOLD it STILL ! 😛

I won’t write in this one .. ENJOY and LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK !:P




Not a huge fan of cheesecake … because I CAN FEEL its all ABOUT JUST THE CHEESE !

This Japanese Cheese cake though went all out !!! I was shocked that it tasted like a sponge cake with the perfect cheese quantity ! Let me tell you I’m not talking about the DRY sponge cake !


This is the softest cake I EVER had and it tasted so good and believe it or not very light that I had 2 pieces instead of one and I still wanted more but had to hold my self and just go and work out ! 😛

Comes with 3 sauces on the side ‘ Strawberry , Salted Caramel and Chocolate !







if you guys love sponge cake but want it more creamier and softer … I recommend you guys give this a try I’m a 100% sure you will enjoy it !


Thanks to @BREADTALK I enjoyed every Piece! GO FOR IT GUYS !! 😉


NO THIS ISN’T JUSTIN BIEBER   you guys I know what your thinking ! haha

I know you guys hate reading .. but this post is from the heartless heart that I have 😛 it falls under true friendship so if you want to know what true friendship is read along ..

A TRUE BACKBONE NOT JUST A FRIEND… DANA AL SALEH this post feature is for you or SUM :*


I met so many people in my life… friends come and go ,, there’s the ones that stabs you in the back .. there’s the ones that you think  got your back when they really don’t and theres the ones  that are tough on you and want whats best for you.. theres the ones that leave you at your worst because your no FUN anymore and theres the ones that got your back at your worst times  and DEE IS THAT .

This girl right here stood by me at my worst times and stayed in my life for good even when I snapped out of it and stood my ground … it took me a while to meet her ..  I was simply scared to let people in my life because of my TRUST issues with everyone .. but DEE  ..turned into A TRUE BACKBONE plus A SISTAH MAYNE that I trust with my life .


WE FIGHT .. WE DISAGREE .. But we always manage to stick by one another and RESPECT one another .


She ” LITERALLY ” picked me up when I was ready to let go of the rope and fall .. and she made me even stronger than the person I was .. with everyone and anyone who tried to stand my way and tried to get to me , she always manages to be there and protect me  … She Slapped me a couple of times so i can wake up and snap back to reality  and I’m so thankful for that cause she opened my eyes when I was BLIND.



THIS IS A TOM AND JERRY MOMENT ! haha But yeah,Words and  paragraphs will not describe how thankful I am to have her in my life …  she taught me the real definition of a BACK BONE and she’s there no matter what even though we conflict and tease each other and make fun of one another.. she comes back and annoys me with her singing voice 😛 BUT HER SENSE OF HUMOUR is OFF THE ROOF .. this girl makes you cry from laughter with her throwbacks.. her Acting skills in PRANKS should win an OSCAR or 2 .. you don’t want to know (TOO EXTREME) GOD hehe and She’s the MUSIC partna too .. thank god she has good taste in  music excluding the mainstreams 😛 ” she’s gonna kill me on this sentence but thats the fun part ” lol


An over protective backbone .. 37 …LUV YA OR SUM :* I got your back like you always got mine sistah Mayne , You held on to the hand and kept holding on , Thanks for being close no matter how far you are right now continuing your studies abroad , wish you nothing but sucesss * BLUE HEARTS* YO !


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I did my neck not my whole face, cause my neck had a couple of line and I felt that my chin needed bit of a lift !

After the procedure I was amazed of how tight my skin way , I don’t believe in machines … but this is an exception for sure !

I’m going to post you a picture of my neck after a day from the procedure .. and you will see the final results in 3 months … but I don’t regret this at all ! I FEEL GOOD and I’m loving the results already !

Whoever is interested let me know .. because I loved it .. I asked my doctor to give my followers a 50% off  from the procedure Price !

ULTHERA for the neck is highly recommended on my side !