What better way to express it … “Pampers” i’m so impressed!

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers and soon to be mothers out there :** You guys beat strength as a definition and you put up with a lot !

What a Deep Video, Enjoy



This is my first feature on a talent on the blog ,


This girls acting grabbed my attention in every Mosalsal I watched in Ramadan ,  I started watching every Show she is in ,something about her acting that grabbed me , she was soo effortless and versatile ,  You can give her any role and she would ace it , whether she was the good guy or the bad guy , it works with her !

Her Kuwaiti accent made me think she was Kuwaiti the whole time when she originally is Lebanese .

Then when she was the Star of Essal Al Essa’s “4 Seasons” theatrical Play , I fell in love with her for real !

Some Actors show that they ” Act” with her you can’t tell whats real and whats an act from how good she is.

When I met her in real life , she was the most down to earth girl and the opposite of a show off , very easy going and very sweet and friendly , so I picked her to be in one of my upcoming projects and you will see how AMAZING she will be ,  so stay tuned ! I also choose her to be my first feature on the blog!

Follow Laila Abdallah on her social media accounts to get to know her even more , trust me she’s awesome and funny as hell !

instagram @lailaabdallah

Snapchat- lailaabdallah7





Women can tolerate things like no other and thats a fact in life , but Mamira Amira , my grandmama,  Strength comes in her name , she raised me to be the woman I am today , a strong personality that went through so much and still stood tall, she taught me how to get my right and stand  no matter how many times I fall down,

She was fighting and battling cancer for almost a year, she finally passed and rested from all the suffering on international women day , she made sure we all good before she goes . I’m gonna miss you MAMA AMIRA , but I find it so selfish of us wanting you to stick around when you were suffering , I know your in a better place , chilled and met with your beloved Sister Farida , having a Cig and talking about how life wasn’t that awesome place to be to begin with .

Stair away to heaven mamati , I love you and I know you still know you look good ! Hottest Grandma ever:***

Im gonna carry your name in a neckless and it will be on my neck so you will always be with me :*






It’s coming for the first time in Kuwait ! You don’t want to be missing this 3 day event that will happen if you are interested in fictional characters and comic ! whether you read it or see it , they all will be there , and some influencer guests will be dressed in costumes !

The Imagine team will also be doing magic and mentalist stunts …


There will also be  famous international guests from comiccon coming to Kuwait to give you guys a show !

You can buy your tickets to Enter from