If you hate reading… “I’m a LIFESTYLE BLOGGER” THAT’S IT!

IF YOU LOVE READING… then here goes nothing… here’s a small bio of what a roller coaster ride my blogging experience was if you guys don’t know me!

My name is Hala Abu Al Hasan AKA “DUDETTE,” I have been blogging since 2010 and I still love it!  People know me as “Dudette” NOT BECAUSE I’m a chicken nugget or fish and chips or whatever you want to call it, it’s because I’m funny when I mix my Arabic with English, and I do blame it on high school!  My first blog post was at a concert and it bothered me that I wasn’t covering this for you guys to see and make you feel that you are there with me living “the moment” and ever since I posted that, I loved sharing my personal experiences everyday whether it’s my personal life, fashion, music, food, EVERYTHING really!

You guys made me reach the TOP 10 in Kuwait once upon a time and hopefully I will bring that back because of your constant and endless LOVE AND SUPPORT.  But FIRST, let me tell you why I stopped blogging for awhile…

Previously, I had two partners, then let’s just say we didn’t mesh well together…  The blog was hacked in a way by one of the members so he can take full control… literally changed all the passwords on me.. “LOL” I’m still laughing about how people can act so childish no matter how old they are!  DID I have a nervous breakdown?  Nah… well half a day and then I got over it because I decided to FLY solo, it’s simple no one can stop you from doing what you’re doing if you have the passion to do what you loving doing, no?

Hack me ONCE… I’ll still be coming and coming bigger and better!

I’ve been working on this blog for almost a year with the help of a great team!  While working at it, I loved showing people what I love doing in my lifestyle… however everyone mistakes it with being a fashionista!  Hahaha I love showing the world what I do, what I use, what I like and dislike, where I travel and what I listen to MOSTLY! My life is through music and I’m going to show you a lot of that here!  I’ve been active on my instagram and mostly snapchat but to me that’s not enough… I MISS REAL BLOGGING and even though I know people hate reading… I promise you this blog will be more visual than you think!  It’s all about FUN and my lifestyle 😉  A LOT of Vlogging TOO! 😛

Enough talk… thank you for everyone who helped me launch this.. LET THE SOLO JOURNEY RIDE BEGIN and I hope you guys take that FUN RIDE WITH MEH 😛 “THE REAL ME!”

Here’s a little LAUNCH VIDEO on ma Main page… make sure you guys check it out if you love the visuals and not the reading… PEACE XXXX!