WE are LIVE , ladies and gents , boys and girls , make up lovers .. or lets say all beauty essential lovers.


Boutiqaat is by far the most famous APP especially in the middle east where you can shop your top notch makeup and local brands by the internet and they will deliver it at your door step

like their slogan says ” My Wardrobe is Full I don’t need to go shopping” says NO ONE EVER!

check out my boutique and the products I got you guys , I made sure I used alot the products before recommending them and I put my favourite must USE items I use everyday , from Makeup to tanninh lotions and oils for summer , to fragrances I use since I was 15 , Skin Care and soon  Clothes.

All you need to do is download the APP ” Boutiqaat” from the APP store or go to my instagram page and the link is my BIO :*

Let me know whats your comments on the products your feedback means alot to me :*

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If you love GLITTER and SPARKLES … then you will love this look for your upcoming Ghabga’s and gatherings!

Its very simple ,, all you need it REALLY PIGMENTED GLITTER , you can use your shade of foundation and change the lip colour based on you preference , I wanted those shades for this look!

The Trick in this look is lots of highlighting , MORE GLITTER !


p.s Thank you so much @amirahofmakeup for bringing the look I wanted to LIFE, instead of JUST my HEAD 😛

She got her magic hands on me and I loved it !

Celebrity and Kardashians hair stylist Jen Atkin was in Kuwait for a few days at the Parlor Salon , So I wanted to try her out and see if she’s as good as what people say . Turned out she’s better , this girl is not over rated at all when it comes to sessions and hair styles.

She showed me pictures before starting and made sure she knows exactly what I wanted when it comes to length and volume of hair , you need to make sure you tell your stylist exactly what you are looking for , if you don’t want a more thin look hair , layers, volume etc , and the most important thing the length!

One more thing I loved about Jen is that her hair stylist assistants is so nice and fast , and the thing I LOVE is that she doesn’t cut too much Unless someone wants a major makeover , basically she doesn’t chop your hair off and you need years of hassle to grow it back!



Here’s a quick video of the full process !

You can find her OUAI products @theparlorkw Salon !


I did my neck not my whole face, cause my neck had a couple of line and I felt that my chin needed bit of a lift !

After the procedure I was amazed of how tight my skin way , I don’t believe in machines … but this is an exception for sure !

I’m going to post you a picture of my neck after a day from the procedure .. and you will see the final results in 3 months … but I don’t regret this at all ! I FEEL GOOD and I’m loving the results already !

Whoever is interested let me know .. because I loved it .. I asked my doctor to give my followers a 50% off  from the procedure Price !

ULTHERA for the neck is highly recommended on my side !


Shorter hair! I already miss my long hair but I am loving the lilac blonde I went with.  What are your thoughts?