Favorite Cover of ROCSTAR EVAAA ..By the amazing Sofia Karlberg


What a Loss , True legend , artist you will always be ..You will always Live in Our Heads.

Tribute , Tune of the day 🙂

Dat Voice Thou

That day .. I was in such a bad mood my account on instagram got hacked the same day and time I had the interview LIVE on kuwait’s radio. It’s just something about MUSIC makes me forget about anything even though it was a bad incident that might cost you your career. But It didn’t I realised if people love you they will follow you no matter what and thats what I did , just created a new account and moved on .

MUSIC IS THE SANCTUARY , I always Run to .. if i’m feeling Blue .

Here’s a short bio on how I started blogging and some of my fav tunes and sound tracks of my life


P.s Back to blogging again .. 😉


I’m going to post a song “tune” i’m vibe -ing to every week , Todays Random Vibe “Children” makes you clear your ears from all the negativity around you… Shut it out and automatically calms you down .

ENJOY because you will sure FEEL IT.

LET the HATERS HATE .. while you listen to some real beat.

If your not familiar with ” 6lack” today is the day to vibe on his tunes



WOKE UP TO SAL HOUDINI .. his voice is too CHILL ! Great Start to the NEW YEAR!


I just posted his new tunes released on my sound cloud play list .. Make sure you check them out !


and Got to put his famous one.. that I never get bored of because he gots dis 😛



Soundcloud Username- @its_dudette

ahhhhh back to the 90’s to the 2000’s with these awesome tunes .. when we were fat and ate PIZZA for breakfast thinking its ok ! LOL

Enjoy the tunes folks :* THIS REMIX BROUGHT ME BACK .. ( CLICK ON THE LINK !)

BEST 43 Minutes ever so worth it ! from FABULOUS to BIGGIEESSSSSSSS ( AHHHHH good times yoo)


PRETTY CLICHE .. but I Love her character … and what she become !

NO one owns her and she needs a gangsta ” PUDDIN” 😉


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LETS TAKE ONE MORE SEC TO  LISTEN TO THIS TUNE….  Cause we all NEEED A GANGSTA , Some time in our lives don’t ya think?:P

WHY NOT TRIBUTE .. to the Music Artists that inspired us some how .. whether it’s through what you feel , the lyrics , or dance moves..


When I listen and feel  music thats when I feel at peace and heal even though we are not living in peace right now .. Music  tends to make you forget and heal from everything you are going through .. so this is from me to the King of not just pop the King of everything ,, the King of music and dance MICHAEL JACKSON.


Lets DANCE with David Bowie, andTHE NOBODIES WANNA BE SOMEBODIES and the BEAUTIFUL people with THE MANSON ..


A COMFORTABLY NUMB vibe with the BEST BAND OF ALL TIMES .. PINK FLOYD ( HEART) to every and each name of artists I just mentioned man.

Here’s the video folks  , make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel ,,much love and peace ! leave you with some TUNES !

Special Thanks to the video Director Nawaf and  the talented make up artist @Sebybeaute for making this video happen !