Jacket- Vintage Versace

Dress – Insta – @fofa_collection

Photographed by @Ronya

Back from Bahrain … I love this country .. I had the bitter, sweet , connection with you guys , the good and the bad memories .. but I still manage to Love you more and more every time I visit you even though this year you were so COLD TO ME ( Literally FROZE :P) , the good part of this trip is that I got to know some of Bahrain’s  photographers to makeup artists , I also made new Bahraini friends , everyone  took me on a small tour of what Bahrain is really about , I decided to vlog there and I’m gonna show you every step I did .

As for GULF RUN 12 , Thank you for introducing me to Bahrain , Thank you for showing me which ones got my back , Thank you for showing me true color’s and Thank you for showing us an event is not just about cars, it’s about THE CARS, The passion of racers for it .. and the best part , The MUSIC AND FUN that surrounds it.

Don’t wanna talk a lot but I learned so much from this trip … BAHRAIN thanks for making me a stronger person every time I visit it .. Cause you so REAL and  Expose the Fake ! 😉

BAHRAIN .. to the next trip with nothing but LOVE!
Wait for the vlog coverage video about Bahrain , coming soon on youtube!