That day .. I was in such a bad mood my account on instagram got hacked the same day and time I had the interview LIVE on kuwait’s radio. It’s just something about MUSIC makes me forget about anything even though it was a bad incident that might cost you your career. But It didn’t I realised if people love you they will follow you no matter what and thats what I did , just created a new account and moved on .

MUSIC IS THE SANCTUARY , I always Run to .. if i’m feeling Blue .

Here’s a short bio on how I started blogging and some of my fav tunes and sound tracks of my life


P.s Back to blogging again .. 😉


If you love GLITTER and SPARKLES … then you will love this look for your upcoming Ghabga’s and gatherings!

Its very simple ,, all you need it REALLY PIGMENTED GLITTER , you can use your shade of foundation and change the lip colour based on you preference , I wanted those shades for this look!

The Trick in this look is lots of highlighting , MORE GLITTER !


p.s Thank you so much @amirahofmakeup for bringing the look I wanted to LIFE, instead of JUST my HEAD 😛

Enough Said ..

Islam is all about peace .. and you ruined it with killing and hate.

She got her magic hands on me and I loved it !

Celebrity and Kardashians hair stylist Jen Atkin was in Kuwait for a few days at the Parlor Salon , So I wanted to try her out and see if she’s as good as what people say . Turned out she’s better , this girl is not over rated at all when it comes to sessions and hair styles.

She showed me pictures before starting and made sure she knows exactly what I wanted when it comes to length and volume of hair , you need to make sure you tell your stylist exactly what you are looking for , if you don’t want a more thin look hair , layers, volume etc , and the most important thing the length!

One more thing I loved about Jen is that her hair stylist assistants is so nice and fast , and the thing I LOVE is that she doesn’t cut too much Unless someone wants a major makeover , basically she doesn’t chop your hair off and you need years of hassle to grow it back!



Here’s a quick video of the full process !

You can find her OUAI products @theparlorkw Salon !

I challenged myself for the first time to go live on tv , not knowing what I will be asked, I was asked questions about my tattoos , culture and traditions and social media critics and childhood.

It wasn’t easy going and sitting with 4 woman not knowing what you will asked , some won’t even do it unless they know whats the questions and topics that will be asked , but I did it and I kinda think I proved my point on what I thought of all the topics 😛

Here’s the full Interview , I come in 53.38 😉



Let me tell you .. Was a big fan of’ bao” from the start but their new menu just killed it !

We went all out that day .. friendly dinner with a combination of big foodies and health freaks .. but we  did go all out !

My recommendation and must haves for you guys is those YUMMY dishes and you will thank me !

1- COCONUT BEEF ( tops it for me )

2- STEAK SALAD ( Oh My god, heaven)

3- Caramel Pop Corn Chicken

4- Quinoa Salad



1- coconut shrimp BAO

2- Veal BOA ( LOVE)

3- Chicken BAO

4- Short Ribs BAO




the Bao with the ice cream and pretzels 😛

Tampura Brownie !

Heres a small Vlog Video of what went down !


How to reach them and their location !

Instagram @bao_kw



khalid Ibn Waleed Street , Kuwait City

Open now – 1 PM to 11.30 PM


Had So much fun doing metallic eyes with one of my favorite makeup artists @AmirahofMakeup ..Make sure you check her youtube channel for more make up tutorials cause she does it BEST !

Everyone asks me for GOLD metallic eyes so decided to do that … a more suttle GOLD metallic eyes and can’t wait to show you guys our upcoming looks cause we going to do this more often just for fun ! 😛



OH not a big deal .. I don’t feel like sun Glasses shopping .. i’ll just send you a van at your house with all kinds of shades types , shapes and colours !


SUN GLASSES fanatic you will just love this .. amazing and quick service by instagram account @eightsunglasses shades where they bring you all kinds of shades in the comfort of your own home !

Here’s ma favorite picks !



Heres a little video to show you guys how the type of shades they have !


I did my neck not my whole face, cause my neck had a couple of line and I felt that my chin needed bit of a lift !

After the procedure I was amazed of how tight my skin way , I don’t believe in machines … but this is an exception for sure !

I’m going to post you a picture of my neck after a day from the procedure .. and you will see the final results in 3 months … but I don’t regret this at all ! I FEEL GOOD and I’m loving the results already !

Whoever is interested let me know .. because I loved it .. I asked my doctor to give my followers a 50% off  from the procedure Price !

ULTHERA for the neck is highly recommended on my side !



PRETTY CLICHE .. but I Love her character … and what she become !

NO one owns her and she needs a gangsta ” PUDDIN” 😉


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