If you love GLITTER and SPARKLES … then you will love this look for your upcoming Ghabga’s and gatherings!

Its very simple ,, all you need it REALLY PIGMENTED GLITTER , you can use your shade of foundation and change the lip colour based on you preference , I wanted those shades for this look!

The Trick in this look is lots of highlighting , MORE GLITTER !


p.s Thank you so much @amirahofmakeup for bringing the look I wanted to LIFE, instead of JUST my HEAD 😛

Enough Said ..

Islam is all about peace .. and you ruined it with killing and hate.

She got her magic hands on me and I loved it !

Celebrity and Kardashians hair stylist Jen Atkin was in Kuwait for a few days at the Parlor Salon , So I wanted to try her out and see if she’s as good as what people say . Turned out she’s better , this girl is not over rated at all when it comes to sessions and hair styles.

She showed me pictures before starting and made sure she knows exactly what I wanted when it comes to length and volume of hair , you need to make sure you tell your stylist exactly what you are looking for , if you don’t want a more thin look hair , layers, volume etc , and the most important thing the length!

One more thing I loved about Jen is that her hair stylist assistants is so nice and fast , and the thing I LOVE is that she doesn’t cut too much Unless someone wants a major makeover , basically she doesn’t chop your hair off and you need years of hassle to grow it back!



Here’s a quick video of the full process !

You can find her OUAI products @theparlorkw Salon !

I challenged myself for the first time to go live on tv , not knowing what I will be asked, I was asked questions about my tattoos , culture and traditions and social media critics and childhood.

It wasn’t easy going and sitting with 4 woman not knowing what you will asked , some won’t even do it unless they know whats the questions and topics that will be asked , but I did it and I kinda think I proved my point on what I thought of all the topics 😛

Here’s the full Interview , I come in 53.38 😉



Let me tell you .. Was a big fan of’ bao” from the start but their new menu just killed it !

We went all out that day .. friendly dinner with a combination of big foodies and health freaks .. but we  did go all out !

My recommendation and must haves for you guys is those YUMMY dishes and you will thank me !

1- COCONUT BEEF ( tops it for me )

2- STEAK SALAD ( Oh My god, heaven)

3- Caramel Pop Corn Chicken

4- Quinoa Salad



1- coconut shrimp BAO

2- Veal BOA ( LOVE)

3- Chicken BAO

4- Short Ribs BAO




the Bao with the ice cream and pretzels 😛

Tampura Brownie !

Heres a small Vlog Video of what went down !


How to reach them and their location !

Instagram @bao_kw



khalid Ibn Waleed Street , Kuwait City 


Open now – 1 PM to 11.30 PM


Had So much fun doing metallic eyes with one of my favorite makeup artists @AmirahofMakeup ..Make sure you check her youtube channel for more make up tutorials cause she does it BEST !

Everyone asks me for GOLD metallic eyes so decided to do that … a more suttle GOLD metallic eyes and can’t wait to show you guys our upcoming looks cause we going to do this more often just for fun ! 😛



OH not a big deal .. I don’t feel like sun Glasses shopping .. i’ll just send you a van at your house with all kinds of shades types , shapes and colours !


SUN GLASSES fanatic you will just love this .. amazing and quick service by instagram account @eightsunglasses shades where they bring you all kinds of shades in the comfort of your own home !

Here’s ma favorite picks !



Heres a little video to show you guys how the type of shades they have !


I did my neck not my whole face, cause my neck had a couple of line and I felt that my chin needed bit of a lift !

After the procedure I was amazed of how tight my skin way , I don’t believe in machines … but this is an exception for sure !

I’m going to post you a picture of my neck after a day from the procedure .. and you will see the final results in 3 months … but I don’t regret this at all ! I FEEL GOOD and I’m loving the results already !

Whoever is interested let me know .. because I loved it .. I asked my doctor to give my followers a 50% off  from the procedure Price !

ULTHERA for the neck is highly recommended on my side !



PRETTY CLICHE .. but I Love her character … and what she become !

NO one owns her and she needs a gangsta ” PUDDIN” 😉


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LETS TAKE ONE MORE SEC TO  LISTEN TO THIS TUNE….  Cause we all NEEED A GANGSTA , Some time in our lives don’t ya think?:P

WHY NOT TRIBUTE .. to the Music Artists that inspired us some how .. whether it’s through what you feel , the lyrics , or dance moves..


When I listen and feel  music thats when I feel at peace and heal even though we are not living in peace right now .. Music  tends to make you forget and heal from everything you are going through .. so this is from me to the King of not just pop the King of everything ,, the King of music and dance MICHAEL JACKSON.


Lets DANCE with David Bowie, andTHE NOBODIES WANNA BE SOMEBODIES and the BEAUTIFUL people with THE MANSON ..


A COMFORTABLY NUMB vibe with the BEST BAND OF ALL TIMES .. PINK FLOYD ( HEART) to every and each name of artists I just mentioned man.

Here’s the video folks  , make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel ,,much love and peace ! leave you with some TUNES !

Special Thanks to the video Director Nawaf and  the talented make up artist @Sebybeaute for making this video happen !